Kitchen Cabinet Remodel 101: Designing for Storage

Remodeling Help Guide for Perfect Kitchen Storage Solutions

What do you think about when asked to imagine your perfect kitchen? Do you think about the size of your space? How it looks modern or classical? What colors would brighten up the space? These are all important factors in beginning to design the perfect kitchen for you and your home.

But there is another important question you need to consider: Where will you put everything?

At Midwest Cabinetry & Design, we provide kitchen design solutions to people all across the Wichita area. We know that kitchen storage is a primary issue for a lot of people looking to update and remodel their space. Making sure the kitchen actually holds everything it needs is a vital component to turning an outdated kitchen into a new & highly-functioning one.

Corner kitchen counter cabinets providing great usage of limited space, designed by Midwest Cabinetry & Design
Kitchen cabinetry providing storage and shelving for pantry items, designed by Midwest Cabinetry & Design

A Modern Problem: Inadequate Kitchen Storage

Like many homes across the Midwest, especially older houses, storage space is in short supply. This often is the biggest issue in our kitchens, and it’s only getting worse. Over time you have probably accumulated a lot of kitchen appliances and tools that may not have even been invented when your home was built.

Finding a space for your microwave AND a toaster over AND a stand mixer AND a Insta Pot can be difficult to find on your kitchen counter tops.

  • Do you have enough space to store them all away?
  • Have you ever decided to not use an appliance simply because it was too much of a bother to get out of storage?

Short on Space: Creative Storage Options

When you are not able to add on square footage to increase the size of your kitchen, you still have home improvement options that can solve problems of inadequate kitchen storage space.

White and blue kitchen island cabinets that provide storage for wine and glasses, in showroom of Midwest Cabinetry & Design near Wichita

Remodeling the cabinets in your kitchen provide a great opportunity to not just improve the beauty of your kitchen, but also the layout and functionality! 

Reorganizing the layout of your cabinets can do wonders for increasing how much you can store in your kitchen. Beyond having a better cabinetry layout, you can choose to install cabinets that provide new ways for you to store things.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Opportunities

Let’s take a look at where you store your spices as an example. Is it in a cabinet that is much taller than spice bottles? That leaves a lot of wasted, unused space.

What about your corner cabinetry? Older, more traditional cabinet layouts leave a lot of unreachable or inaccessible space. If you have spaces in your cabinet you cannot reach easily or well, that is a problem. Fortunately, it is a problem that can be fixed!

There are even more opportunities to consider. While unreachable corners or cluttered spice cabinets have been problems for generations, new technology poses new issues.

  • Where do you charge your phone and the many other devices you now own?
  • Are you having your phone charge in the outlet that’s also powering your stand mixer? That’s probably counter space better served to cut vegetables. Modern kitchen designs can accommodate those modern devices, such as having a built-in charging station.

Other Kitchen Storage Options to Consider:

Blue kitchen island cabinet with drawer functionality for great storage
  • Cookbook rack
  • Coffee station
  • Built-in cutting board
  • Base pantry cabinet
  • Deep slide-out shelves
  • Finger pull drawers
  • Grocery bag storage
  • Stand mixer shelf cabinet
  • Plate rack
  • Pull-out spice rack
  • Pull-out work surface
  • Wine storage

Finally, a Kitchen That Stores Everything

Red kitchen island inside showroom at Midwest Cabinetry & Design showing great way to incorporate storage solutions

When you are confronted with small or limited space, don’t let that limit your design aspirations. Cabinets can be made and installed to provide just about every storage solution you could imagine.

And if you can’t imagine it, we will! Let our Kitchen & Bath Designers work with you to create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Request a free consultation to get started. We will help you discover all the options that could improve your kitchen in dramatic ways. Call us at (316) 794-2112.

We have a showroom of amazing cabinet designs for you to be inspired by. Stop by our store in Goddard, just minutes west of Wichita.

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