Kitchen Cabinet Remodel 101: Designing for New Appliances

Kitchen Remodel Help Guide for Incorporating Modern Home Appliances & Cooking Technology

When you have decided that it’s time to remodel your kitchen, there are so many things to think about – colors, woods, layout, and accessories just to name a few. You could spend hours searching the internet for kitchen remodel ideas and design inspiration.

The possibilities of determining what your dream kitchen could look like are endless. But at some point, you need to start making home improvement decisions and design choices if you are ever going to make that dream a reality.

Blue kitchen with functional farmhouse sink designed by and cabinets furnished by Midwest Cabinetry & Design

Remodeling 101: What Does Your Kitchen Need?

Beyond picking out colors and accessories, have you considered the more functional aspects you may want (or need) to change? That’s one of the first things we discuss with our clients here at Midwest Cabinetry & Design.

When you work with one of our Kitchen & Bath Designers, you get to see a fully designed 3D rendering of your dream kitchen. Our designers provide a full consultation to make sure you don’t miss out on all that your kitchen could be designed to include. Because when a kitchen remodel includes new or revised cabinets, there exists a lot of exciting options for you to consider!

Replacing your cabinetry puts you in a great position to revise and improve the appliances in your kitchen. We’re not simply talking about replacing an outdated microwave or other kitchen appliance. Think about the possibilities available in many new homes and remodeled modern kitchens. From wine fridges to double ovens, making changes to your cabinetry may allow you options to make your kitchen much more functional than ever.

Considering New Appliances for Your Kitchen

Have you considered all your kitchen appliance options? There is nearly an unlimited number of possibilities. Whether you are a “foodie”, a wine connoisseur, or simply want to incorporate SMART technology into your kitchen, you need to consider the appliances available to add to your space.

Here is a list of just some of the popular & modern appliances and options people are adding to their new or remodeled kitchen:

Kitchen cabinetry providing storage and shelving for stand mixer, designed by Midwest Cabinetry & Design
  • Double oven
  • French door ovens
  • Wine fridge
  • Stand Mixer
  • Warming drawer
  • Toaster oven
  • Air fryer
  • Dehydrator
  • Insta Pot
  • Steam oven
  • Yogurt maker
  • Bread maker
  • Rice cooker

You may already have a few of the appliances on the list. But if you do, ask yourself if it is working well for you right now.

Are your cabinets or the layout of your kitchen allowing you to use your toaster oven or Insta Pot in an easy and convenient way?

Do you have the proper space to store all your kitchen devices?

Do you want matching KitchenAid Mixer to be on display as a kitchen accessory but you don’t have the space?

Assessing Existing Appliances for a Kitchen Remodel

Go through your kitchen and assess how your existing kitchen appliances are working for you. Consider these questions when determining whether how you use the kitchen could be improved with a new appliance.


  • Is it large enough for your needs?
  • How old is it? (average range lifespan = 10-15 years)
  • Does it heat with your preferred energy source (electric vs. gas)?
  • Do you want to upgrade to an oven with SMART technology?
White kitchen cabinets designed to hold exact space for a new refrigerator with side by side doors and a lower freezer drawer


  • Is it large enough for your needs?
  • How old is it? (average refrigerator lifespan = 10-12 years)
  • Are the doors (side by side or top/bottom) your preferred style?
  • Do you want to upgrade to a fridge with SMART technology?


  • Is it the right size for your needs?
  • How old is it? (average microwave lifespan = 9 years)
  • Is it in a good place that can easily be reached?


  • Is it the right size for your needs?
  • How old is it? (average dishwasher lifespan = 9 years)
  • Is it situated in a convenient place to access and/or put away your dishes?

Designing a Dream Kitchen That is Beautiful AND Functional

When you think about how you want your new kitchen to look, don’t forget to fully consider how you want your kitchen to work. Remodeling your cabinets can mean remodeling your entire kitchen layout to work the best way it should.

If you are not sure if your current kitchen does that, or how to fix it, just schedule a free design consultation with one of our Kitchen Designers. We can help you figure out what’s working and what needs to be improved. We are located just minutes outside of Wichita and have a showroom filled with inspiration and cabinet options to help you get started on your remodeled kitchen. Call us today at (316) 794-2112.

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